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Banish the Blah Bathroom

Do you have a bathroom with a case of the blahs? Maybe it’s a bit dingy and uninspiring, or born in a design era long…

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Securing your home!

Did you know… weekdays between 12:30 and 2 pm are the most popular times for break-ins. Criminals look for periods of time when most people…

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Upgrades to help sell your home

Thinking about upgrading your home within the next few years? Pay attention to the latest trends, especially if you intend to sell within the next decade….

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Community Garden

Did you know there is a community garden in Ceres, California! Definitely another great reason to live in the central valley. Adults and teens can…

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Black Houses

Most home owners choose neutral colors for the exterior of their homes. Though on occasion, you’ll find a home with a brighter than normal hue,…

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Scratched Hardwood?

Hardwood floors are highly desirable for most homeowners, but they come with their share of challenges when it comes to cleaning, maintenance, and repairs. After a…

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Pumpkin Carving Ideas!

Year after year, we carve pumpkins and light them with a candle to guide the cute little trick or treaters through the night. Though it…

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