Upgrades to help sell your home

Thinking about upgrading your home within the next few years? Pay attention to the latest trends, especially if you intend to sell within the next decade. Here are a few tips: 

 Install large format tiles for contemporary style. Large tiles need less grout, which means there are fewer places for mold to grow.

Recent home trend reports show, low pile carpet is in! It offers a more modern look, is less expensive and easier to keep clean, and can be just as cushy as high pile with the right pad. Low pile cut-and-loop carpet is an emerging trend popularized by its abundant use in model homes.

Inexpensive, energy efficient upgrades can really pay off. Seal your home’s windows and install weather stripping around doors. Replacing old windows with new models is a larger investment, but you’ll get a big bang for your buck! Ensure your real estate agent tells potential buyers about any energy efficient upgrades you’ve made when you’re ready to sell.

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    Author: A Super Realtor

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