Beat the Heat!

Looking for tips to beat the triple digit heat without breaking the bank?! I’ve found a few ways for you to stay cool without paying high electric bills.

  • Keep your blinds & curtains closed
    It might be a bit dark, but you’ll be cooler. Avoiding the hot sun is key when trying to keep your home cool.

  • Turn the lights down low
    When you don’t need the lights on… Turn them off! Save energy and reduce your electric bill.

  • Fans
    The use of fans to circulate the cool air assists in keeping the entire house cooler.

  • Grill outdoors!
    The use of your indoor stove/oven can heat the house up. Grill outside! Keeping your energy bill significantly lower.

  • Drink Water
    Don’t forget to drink water! It keeps your body temperature normal. Remember when it heats up outside we lose fluids so stay hydrated.

    Hope these tips help! Stay cool!

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