Ever found yourself needing to move something, but you have no access to a truck. There are many other truck rental companies, but you really just need to move a few things quickly and don’t want to get caught up in, deposits, rental fees, etc.

Guess what!!! I found the perfect solution for us!  Loadz is a moving/transport/delivery service that is half the cost of traditional delivery and moving services and it’s on demand!

Photo of Loadz - Modesto, CA, United States. Loadz - Storage Unit Pickup and DeliveryRecently, I met  with the owners, Robert Greenwood and Eric Buckner to learn a bit more about how this service works.

Loadz is the Uber or Lyft of moving your items! You can download the app, go online, or call an 800 number to order the service. Once you order, you can watch the driver of the truck head to your location or even contact the driver right from the app on your phone

Never again have to schedule ahead of time, this service is literally on demand! Get the help you need, when you need it, in just a few minutes directly from your phone. I love that you can set up service from anywhere!

Whether you need to move items from house to house or room to room, Loadz can help you. Though their services aren’t limited to just moving items from your home. If you make a large purchase and can’t get it home, Loadz can help! They will pick up retail purchases!
Photo of Loadz - Modesto, CA, United States. Loadz - Taking the Experience to the Next Level. Training on Proper Moving Procedures is Delivered to All Drivers.The masterminds behind this amazing service, Eric and Robert, are long time friends and residents of the central valley. In addition to working hard with Loadz, they have worked hard to give back to the community, not long ago, Loadz sponsored a comedy show benefiting children with cancer. And, this last Christmas, they donated Christmas trees to the local Salvation Army and Turlock Gospel Mission.

Robert and Eric have spent significant time researching and developing this service to be beneficial to our community, so you are guaranteed to receive excellent service. All drivers and assistants are screened with background checks, to ensure your safety!

At this point, the service is new and primarily used in this area, but we can change that! Be sure to spread the word, use the service and give their facebook and instagram pages a like!

They are also hiring drivers and driver assistants. Work your own hours and make as little or as much as you want! https://www.loadznow.com/become_driver.html






Featured on Good Day Sacramento!


Author: A Super Realtor

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