Home shopping with your pet!

Image result for pets It should come as no surprise that most Millennial’s are purchasing homes to suit their pets. When selecting a home to buy, it just seems natural to select a home that suits the needs of a pet who will be home all day! Whether it’s a built in doggy door, kitty tunnels or other pet amenities you’re searching for, finding the right agent is key in finding these home features.  I personally haven’t shown a home to a pet and it’s owner, but never fear, I will be doing so, eventually! My lovely sister is in the market to buy soon and of course she’s a proud dog mom. She joked in a recent conversation that she would want to bring her pup to all house viewings… is that possible?! Of course it is!  While others may not love animals, if you have a great agent, they can call ahead and discuss this with the home owner prior to the showing. Some may so no, but it never hurts to ask and hopefully your pet can view homes by your side! **Remember to never bring a pet uninvited to a home showing and if your pet is invited, be sure to clean up and keep control of it at all times in someone else’s home.

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