Meet the Flores Brothers!

Recently, I caught up with Damien Flores, the father of 3 amazing young boys! What makes them amazing…? They are boxing champions as well as champs in other sports.

Damien – 12 yrs old, also known as Slick, is a 1 time national boxing champion and 2 time district regional champ.

Andre – 11 yrs old, also known as the Equalizer is a 3 time national champ and ringside worlds champ!

Damon – 8 yrs old, also known as Pistol, is a 2 time district champ, 1 time state champ, and 2 time regional gold medalist.

Those are simply just a few of their accomplishments, there are so many more. These extremely talented young men come from generations of talent. Their grandfather was none other than Hall of Fame boxer, Louis Jordan, who boxed in the 1940’s. As a matter of fact, the Maddux Youth Center in Modesto was built in honor of Louis Jordan.

Recently, the Flores Brothers were recognized and honored by the City of Ceres for achievements.

You can join the Flores Brothers in the ring by visiting the Maddux Youth Center. It’s only $45.00 per year to join the boxing program.

If you’d like to follow and support the Flores Brothers, click the links below!

Damian Flores – Facebook

Teamflores41510 – Instagram

Damian’s Sports Fundraiser

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