Irma’s Place

Definitely some of the best food around!

This last week was a true adventure! I became an aunt to a sweet little girl. Of course it’s a rush to get to the hospital and wait for the arrival. Though, things get really crazy when the wait lasts too long. I went in search of food, in Stockton California, where this adventure took place. 

I found a quaint restaurant in down town Stockton, “Irma’s Place” and asked for 24+ tacos for a hungry family, anxiously awaiting the arrival of a baby. Graciously, before closing time, the staff quickly prepared the food. While paying and packing up, I learn that the cook was Irma herself!

I can’t even describe how amazing the food is at Irma’s and what an honor it is to speak to the woman who just prepared your meal! I have been back, once more and plan to visit and eat even more in the future! If you’re ever in central California, check out Irma’s place! Definitely the best mexican food around!


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