You decided to finally buy a home! You met with a lender and are now qualified… and working with a RealtorĀ®.

During your house hunt, you’ve found one that you love, your offer is accepted, the next step should now be a home inspection, this will tell you quite a bit about the home, but it won’t tell you everything.

For example, pools and septic systems cannot be evaluated by a regular home inspector. You will need to contact a pool inspector or an expert on septic systems. This is an additional fee outside of what you’ve paid for a home inspection.

The same can occur with termites, rats, or mold. If there are rats, mold or termites a normal home inspector may not be able to detect it. You would need to find a pest control specialist and an expert in mold. 

So be sure to discuss these additional inspections and costs with your RealtorĀ®.

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