Preparing to Sell!

Obviously, to get the maximum amount of money for your home, you always want to make as many repairs and corrections as possible before listing it. While you are only required to repair what you agreed to in the contract or request for repairs, it might be best to repair what you can prior to listing.

Patching holes in walls and ceilings, giving your home more appeal to potential buyers 

Fix broken appliances and HVAC systems, also adding appeal to potential buyers and giving the security that all appliances are functioning at move in. This can assist you in gaining the money you want for your home. 

Repair leaky faucets, worn carpets, broken windows, roof repairs, etc., all can assist you in receiving the money you want for your home.

Though if you have a good real estate agent, they can negotiate with the buyer which items you would repair.  For more information on prepping your home to sell, contact me!

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