Tips for selling this winter

Most  believe the winter is never a good time to sell a home as there are less and less buyers as the cold sets in. While there may be a few less buyers, there are still many eager buyers waiting to find their perfect home. 

How can you gain the most attention to your home this winter? Here are a few tips to help prep and sell your home!

Holiday Decor – Now that the holidays are over, take down all holiday decor. The holiday season is over and the decor can be distracting to prospective buyers. Besides, you’ll want them pack up for an easier move once your home sells!

Scents – mild scents through your home can help the ambiance and make it appear warmer. Scentsy, warmers or even scented candles will work. Though you don’t want the smells to be over powering. 

Tidy – Keep your home clutter free and tidy, allowing the buyers to view the spaciousness of your home. Be sure to also keep your yards tidy, specifically, the front yard. 

If you’re considering selling your home this winter, contact me, I can assist you!


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