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Most of you who know me, know I can’t resist a good deal! I stumbled across an awesome thrift store recently, Los Gatos Thrift Store has tons of specials and so much to look at!! I can imagine spending hours in the store browsing… Today, I spent a little over 30 minutes and I couldn’t take it all in, during my time there, I noticed many vintage items and antiques displayed and was told there will be more furniture coming to the store soon.

As I selected items I wanted and made my way to the register, I noticed many signs indicating that some proceeds would go to local animal shelters as well as a fundraiser for a private animal sanctuary! Doesn’t this inspire you to shop here even more!!

Their 2017 goal was to pay for at least one cat/dog neutering/spaying/adoption a month through a free raffle and they ended up exceeding their goal and paying for 14 cat/dog neutering/spaying and 8 pet adoptions and were able to donate over 1,000lbs of Iams cat food!

There is no doubt that I will be a regular shopper at Los Gatos Thrift Store! OH… almost forgot to tell you what I brought home… I scored the cutest windchime, some matching black photo frames and some sidewalk chalk for my little one!

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