Buddhist Temple

Here in the Central Valley, there is always something to do and somewhere to go. Some of these places are right under our nose!

I’ve lived in the area for years and had never visited the
Wat Dhammararam Buddhist Temple. The Statues are amazing to look at, with their incredible detail and color!

The Temple began in the early 80’s, many Southeast Asian Refugees escaped war-torn countries and some began resettling in the city of Stockton, California.
     The refugees began to rebuild their lives, as well as integrate into American society. To preserve their ancestral cultural heritage the refugees formed an association to raise funds to buy the land with a house a house on 3732 E. Carpenter Road on August, 1982 for Khmer Theravada Buddhist Monastery.
     These days, you can visit the temple as long as you follow their basic rules of respect and obey. You may leave donations, as the temple is run by monks and volunteers. 
     Even if you do not follow Buddhism, this temple is a lovely and magical place to visit! It’s free of charge and open to the public.

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